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Micrel's QwikRadio® Home Page

QwikRadio® 300 to 1000 MHz ASK/OOK/FSK Receivers/Transmitters

Micrel's QwikRadio® products are a family of ASK/OOK (amplitude shift keyed/on-off-keyed), highly integrated single-chip RF ICs.

The receivers are true "antenna-in, data-out" devices and the transmitter is an equivalent "data-in, antenna-out" part. Both the transmitter and receivers require no hand-tweaking with trimmer capacitors, as all tuning is performed automatically on-board the devices.

QwikRadio® offers the lowest overall parts-count of any ASK/OOK receivers and transmitters on the market. They are ideal for applications with ranges below 300 feet and data rates below 10Kbps, like handheld controllers and keyFOBs.  For longer ranges and higher data rates, check out our RadioWire ® products.

QwikRadio® Selection Guide
RF Pocket Guide

QwikRadio® Receiver Data Sheets
MICRF001 QwikRadio® Receiver/Data Demodulator
MICRF011 QwikRadio® Receiver/Data Demodulator
MICRF002/022 QwikRadio® Low-Power UHF Receiver
MICRF007 QwikRadio® Low-Power UHF Receiver
MICRF008 QwikRadio® Sweep-Mode Receiver
MICRF009 QwikRadio® Low-Power UHF Receiver
MICRF010 QwikRadio® Low-Power UHF Receiver
MICRF211 QwikRadio® 433.92 MHz Receiver
MICRF213 QwikRadio® 315 MHz Receiver
MICRF218 QwikRadio® 300 MHz to 450 MHz Receiver
MICRF219 300MHz to 450MHz ASK Receiver with RSSI, Auto-Poll, Bit-Check and Squelch
MICRF219A -New 300MHz to 450MHz ASK/OOK Receiver with Auto-Poll, RSSI, and Squelch
MICRF220 -New 300MHz to 450MHz, 3.3V ASK/OOK Receiver with RSSI and Squelch
MICRF221 900MHz QwikRadio® Receiver
MICRF302 Parallel Encoder

QwikRadio®™ Transmitter Data Sheets
MICRF102 QwikRadio® UHF ASK Transmitter
MICRF112 QwikRadio® UHF ASK/FSK Transmitter
MICRF113 Smallest QwikRadio® UHF ASK Transmitter

It's OOK to ASK QwikRadio® Design Software
Update OOK to Ask QwikRadio® Update to Version 1.1.2
Designs and Part Data Designs and Part Data

Application Hints
Application Hint 36 Infrared to RF Data Link

Application Notes
Application Note 23 MICRF001 Antenna Design Tutorial
Application Note 52 Small PCB Antennas for Micrel RF Products (Associated Zip files below)
Application Note 55 How to go Through FCC Compliance Testing Using the MICRF112

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Outside Resources
RF Laboratories, Inc. Wireless Design and Development

Technical Support
Technical Support Wireless/RF Technical Support and Help